• UWP team visited COG team in Tallinn

It is time for an update. We have been working towards UWP cast coming to Estonia for almost 2 years. This week things have taken a turn for the better, as Brad Bungum, Arnab Dewan and Kristina T’Seyen from Up with People have been here, the days have been packed with meetings with sponsors, possible sponsors, schools and other organizations. Things are looking up and moving forward, as a matter of fact, it feels that now it’ s serious, it is really happening. During the upcoming days and weeks, as things proceed we will keep you all posted on the progress.
We can say for sure that if it had not been for EAM Tallinn 2014 and the need to pull together to organize that event which turned out fabulous, this (the Cast to Tallinn) would not be happening now. Our alumni pulled together especially for the EAM. That’ s how we became close and really got to know each other. Estonia has 20 alumni, of which about half live abroad. Our team in organizing this event consists mainly of 5 people + Annika and Geidi, our EAM 2014 interns who have now been accepted to travel with Up with People. Some other lovely alumni step in and help out occasionally and that is very much appreciated as well.
This week brought about some great meetings with schools – Sven and Kristina had meetings over 3 days and pretty much scheduled the entire school CI part for the cast and negotiations continue. Brad, Argo, Arnab, Arno had several sponsor meetings, Merle and Ele participated at the venue, ticket sales and media sponsor meetings. Marketing is obviously the key issue in order to promote the show, we are almost done with all promo material translations as well. Now, we need to translate the show script. Talking about multitasking! Oh, we all also have day-jobs which pay our bills, don’ t we? 😉 Stay tuned for more news from us, we greatly appreciate all of your support and kind words!

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