• Midsummer greetings!


Chamber of Goodwill Midsummer Greetings to everyone! We met yesterday at Ele’s beautiful home, had the most delicious salmon dinner and some traditional Estonian cookie cake with fresh strawberries! Midsummer is one of the most celebrated festivities of the year over here – June 23! Everyone has plans, there are festivities everywhere – barbecue, bonfires, great company, good music. Not to mention the greatest excuse for drinking lots of beer! Great news is that our interns Madle and Signe who interviewed during the EAM got accepted to travel! As we know one of the goals for EAM Tallinn team is to have more Estonian students in UWP program in coming years, so if they actually make it as far as traveling, that would be a huge victory! We’ll do everything in our power to support that cause. Yay Madle and Signe!!!  HAPPY MIDSUMMER!

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