Forest Goodwill

Invest into future and better environment, into nature and education – invest into Forest Goodwill.

Forest Goodwill is a project that has been created with an intention to support the participation of young Estonians in Up with People program. How does that work? In co-operation with RMK (State Forest Management Centre) we are planting a Forest Goodwill near Tallinn. RMK will provide the land, the tree plants and maintenance of the forest.

You all can participate in this project by investing into the forest by buying trees. Why is that a worthwhile investment? Forest is something that we can call our life. Forest provides us with clean air, food, heating, roof over our head, energy, emotions and financial prosperity. We have to take responsibility and stand up for sustainable living environment in order to preserve the quality of life on this planet. If, while investing into green living, we can also help young people get educated in Up with People program, it is a win-win situation in every way.

Forest Goodwill initiative was literally “planted” for the first time during the UWP European Alumni Meeting in Tallinn in May, 2014 when every participant planted a tiny tree seed. All those trees will be planted into the Forest Goodwill when they have grown to be strong enough.

Forest is a real thing. Something that you can touch and it is good for your soul. When investing into a Forest Goodwill, you are actually able to visit this forest and physically see what you have invested into.

Forest is also something that is close to heart for the Estonians, being the biggest natural resource that we have. Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in the world – approximately half of our land area or 2.2 million hectares are covered with forest. Another roughly 40% of Estonian forests belong to the Estonian state. These forests are maintained, grown and managed by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK). We encourage you to learn more about Estonian forests at

List of Forest Goodwill supporters:

Adriana Stosio-Koelbl Poland 1
Alex Flohr Germany 1
Alis Rojas Woodard USA 1
Amelie Alvarez Switzerland 1
Amaryllis Temmerman Belgium 1
An Van Den Eede Belgium 1
Andrea Heel Germany 1
Angela Spruit The Netherlands 1
Anne-Catherine Boes Belgium 1
Annette Gerling Germany 11111
Annie Elstad Norway 1
Anya Adams USA 1111
Argo Saul Estonia 11
Arno Valgma Estonia 11
Axel Schiers Switzerland 11
Barry Marlow USA 1
Beata Bischof Switzerland 1
Birger Husted Denmark 1
Brigitte Kienitz Switzerland 1
Carol Broddéus Sweden 1
Caeden Splinger Switzerland 1
Celine Simone Saul Estonia 1
Celine Splinger Switzerland 1
Charlotte Kahl Germany 1
Charlotte Seippel Germany 1
Christian Autenrieth Germany 1
Christian Walton Belgium 1
Christina Noel USA 1
Christine Geissler Germany 1
Corinne Haeggi Switzerland 1
Cornelia Sommer Switzerland 1
Cynthia Cochran USA 1
Danilo de Simone Switzerland 1
Dirk Harder Germany 1
Eero Saul Estonia 1
Edith Meyer Switzerland 11
Elda Cantellano Mexico 1
Eliane Eicher Switzerland 1
Frank Liffers Germany 1
Franziska Widmer-Noetzli Switzerland 1
Fred Heismeyer USA 1
Geert Fierens Belgium 11
Geneviève de Simone-Cornet Belgium 1
Gert Lambrecht Belgium 11
Gregor Wawerla Germany 1
Hanne Laakmann Germany 1
Heide Wienewski Germany 1
Heike Haenies Germany 1
Imelda Schrooyen Belgium 1
Irma Karhu Finland 11
Jack Chiraffe Kenya 11
Jay Gerring USA 1
Jeff Pritchard USA 1
Jens Jagemann Germany 1
Jette Rath Italy 11
Joanne Noordink The Netherlands 1
Joe Woodard USA 1
Joëlle Ambühl Belgium 1
Johannes Sudbrock Germany 1
John VanZanten USA 1
Jonas Granbom Sweden 11
Jonas Trodella Switzerland 1
Joyce Heismeyer USA 1
Judith Bartel-van Beckhoven The Netherlands 1
Juerg Tobler Switzerland 1
Julia Hutter Germany 1
Katharina Engelbrecht Germany 1
Kati Sarev Estonia 1
Keith Frohreich USA 11
Kelly McKanzie USA 1
Koen Van den Eynde Belgium 1
Kirsti Lööndre Dohn Estonia/USA 1
Kristina T'Seyen Belgium 1
Lana Greiner Switzerland 1
Lars Kienitz Switzerland 1
Laura Curau Switzerland 1
Lea Lundell Finland 1
Leena Karhu Finland 11
Luis Arredondo Mexico 1
Malcolm Roberts USA 1
Margus Juksaar Estonia 11
Margus Pauts Estonia 11
Mari Poikola Finland 11
Marie Tobler Switzerland 111
Marit Finnie Estonia 1
Mark Balsiger Switzerland 1
Melissa Selena Saul Estonia 1
Merle Zimmer Estonia 11
Michael Walter Germany 1
Michael Wienhues Germany 1
Mimi Luk Canada 1
Mimmi Hogland Blomkvist Sweden 1
Monja Harder-Bubenzer Germany 1
Nicole Peters-Wilms The Netherlands 1
Nils Groppe Germany 1
Nina Hanhinen Finland 1
Noritada Agatsuma Japan 1
Oscar Alvarez Switzerland 1
Pamela Frohreich USA 1
Paula Eronen Finland 11
Peeter Pruuden Estonia 1
Peter Cox USA 1
Petra Schiller Germany 11
Philipp Schnier Germany 1
Pirre Valtanen Finland 1
Raf Boudewijns Belgium 1
Rainis Maasing Estonia 1
Riikka Mero Finland 11
Ronja Wienewski Germany 1
Rosy Salazar USA 1
Ruthie Shimabukuro-Pritchard USA 1
Sara Asplund Sweden 11
Sara De Vlam Belgium 1
Senta Maltschew Germany 1
Sharon Fueller Switzerland 1
Sinone Curau Switzerland 1
Stefanie Schnier Germany 1
Steff Jagemann Germany 1
Stephanie Cox USA 1
Stefanie Schnier Germany 1
Suzanne Hinton USA 1
Suzy Waterschoot Belgium 1
Sven Lööndre Estonia 11
Tamara Kiener Switzerland 1
Theres Sudbrock Germany 1
Thomas Wettstein Switzerland 1
Timo Sarojärvi Finland 11
Torrin Tyler New Zealand 1
Ulla Luhtasela Finland 1
Ülle Saul Estonia 1
Walter Golding USA 1
Wiebke Lang German 1
Vineta Määttä Finland 11
Volker Nurk German 1
Annika Kibus Estonia 1
Brad Bungum Denmark 1
Cornelia Gwerder Switzerland 1
Geidi Steinberg Estonia 1
Jerko Bozikovic Belgium 1
Joram De Maeseneer Belgium 1
Krista Kindt-Sarojärvi Finland 1
Liivi Laos Estonia 1
Mark Phillips USA 1
Robert Staflin Sweden 1
Vicky Kahl Germany 1
Hilary Lingston USA 11

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State Forest Management Centre (RMK)

Up With People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA)

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