About Us

Chamber of Goodwill co-operates closely with Up with People and UWP International Alumni Association, briefly it is the link to and from Estonia.

Chamber of Goodwill will collaborate in the following manner:
• Supporting of Estonian youth in joining the Up with People program;
• Supporting of Up with People cast coming to Estonia;
• To start international and local volunteer projects by involving the Up with People alumni;
• To organize fundraising campaigns and charity activities;
• Creating of business opportunities among the Up with People alumni locally and worldwide.

Our Team

Argo Saul

Traveled in Cast E94

Merle Zimmer

Traveled in Cast D96

Arno Valgma

Traveled in Cast D93

Sven Lööndre

Traveled in Cast C96

Rainis Maasing

Traveled in Cast A92

Ele Haavandi

Traveled in Cast C94

Our Mission

OUR MISSION as a non-profit initiatives organization is to through various volunteer and charity activities help and motivate those who need help. Also keep co-operation between CofG, UWP organization and UWP International Alumni Association in order to promote Up with People as an excellent educational program for young people. Thirdly connect UwP alumni through business connect – sharing business opportunities between people working on similar fields in different countries.

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to be this group of motivated people who would like to contribute to causes that need attention – such as various volunteer and charity projects – and help out where help is needed. And we see that through getting an Up with People cast to Estonia we are able to recruit more young people to participate in Up with People program. We also see UwP network as an excellent way to promote business opportunities between alumni.