Our projects

Who we are

Chamber of Goodwill

Chamber of Goodwill (Hea Tahte Koda) is a non-profit organization established by a group of people whose link is a global youth organization Up with People. Some years ago we all participated in Up with People youth program for a year, traveling the world, performing a professional musical show, doing community service and living with host families worldwide. Besides UWP involvement, Chamber of Goodwill is here to initiate and implement international and local volunteer projects.


OUR MISSION as a non-profit initiatives organization is to through various volunteer and charity activities help and motivate those who need help; to promote Up with People as an excellent educational program and share business opportunities between alumni.


OUR VISION is to be a group of motivated people who would like to contribute to volunteer causes that need attention; to recruit more young people to participate in Up with People program; to promote business opportunities through the UWP alumni network.

What we do

Feel good and respected
In the spirit of Up with People, we carry out volunteer projects to promote goodness, have fun and improve human quality of life.
Go abroad with UWP & see the world differently. UWP multi-continent tour is designed to give young people in the ages 17 to 29 global education experience of a lifetime & make a difference in the communities they visit.
Global network of leaders
There are 20000 UWP alumni around the world. Every one of them has a mindset of an active global citizen and they are open to welcome endless opportunities around them.